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Conception for Procurement Excellence (ebook)
Auteur : Willi Darr
Edition : tredition - avril 2019

The subject of this book is Procurement Excellence of procuring companies which is deemed a highly relevant topic out of two reasons.
Firstly, corporate procurement, respectively purchasing management has witnessed a significant boost of importance over the last years. Increased outsourcing of services to suppliers and, simultaneously, commissioning of international subcontractors, have heavily altered the responsibilities and job description of purchasers with regards to their contribution to the company’s added value. Additionally, product developments along (global) supply chains are growing steadily.
On the other hand, digitalization displays future-oriented alternatives for corporate added value and hence provides fundamental opportunities and necessities to reach and sustain (global) competitiveness. Logically, these developments shape the quality of procurement and its processes to suppliers.
Only an excellent purchasing department can be an authentic success indicator within a company. This book focuses on the two pillars of Procurement Excellence. To do so, a conception for categorizing and controlling purchasing performances, and a conception for categorizing digitalization will be illustrated in order to make differentiated statements regarding Procurement Excellence. Its two related dimensions will be merged within a final overall statement regarding Procurement Excellence.

Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value
Auteur : David MOSEY
Edition : Wiley-blackwell - avril 2019

The guide that explores how procurement and contracts can create an integrated team while improving value, economy, quality and client satisfaction

Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value provides an important guide for project managers, lawyers, designers, constructors and operators, showing step by step how proven collaborative models and processes can move from the margins to the mainstream. It covers all stages of the project lifecycle and offers new ways to embed learning from one project to the next.

Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value explores how strategic thinking, intelligent team selection, contract integration and the use of digital technology can enhance the value of construction projects and programmes of work. With 50 UK case studies, plus chapters from specialists in 6 other jurisdictions, it describes in detail the legal and procedural route maps for successful collaborative teams. 

Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value:

Examines the ways to create an effective contract that will spell success throughout the procurement process
Contains helpful case studies from real-world projects and programmes
Explores the benefits of the collaborative construction process and how to overcome common obstacles
Bridges the gaps between contract law, collaborative working and project management
Includes the first analysis of the NEC4 Alliance Contract, the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract and the TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract

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Advanced Issues of Procurement Management (ebook)
Auteur : Willi Darr
Edition : tredition - mars 2019

This book reasons, discusses and delves deeper into specific problems of procurement management. Key aspects of the procurement management are presented for advanced students, meaning interested students in the main course or in the master’s degree study as well as for practitioners bearing responsibility.

The Procurement Models Handbook
Auteurs : Ian Thompson & Andrea Cordell 
Edition : Routledge - mai 2019

Building from the previous two successful editions, The Procurement Models Handbook is an essential resource for everyone working in the procurement profession, including those selling directly to it. The authors provide the reader with a useful guide to the business models most frequently applied in the procurement and supply chain arena.

Procurement and supply chain management are two of the highest contributors to corporate success in the modern world. This third edition is a new revised international version with additional tools that reflect the value of procurement in our globally-connected world. The authors have included over 50 well-established strategic and operational models that have a proven track record of delivering value over years of practice. Each model is presented pictorially, with explanatory commentary on its practical application to support.

These models are designed to save unnecessary cost and deliver significant benefits for their user and have been carefully selected by the authors based on their originality and usefulness for practical application in the context of procurement and the supply chain. The Procurement Models Handbook is an invaluable and enduring source of reference for practitioners and business managers, as well as an essential learning support for business and procurement students.

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The Evolution of Electronic Procurement
Transforming Business as Usual 
Auteur : Tobias Schoenherr
Edition : Palgrave Pivot - septembre 2018

This book responds to the increasing speed with which the domain of electronic procurement has been evolving, as well to the significant advances predicted to take place in the near future. Covering the fundamentals of electronic procurement as well as advanced applications, the main focus is on the critical importance of information technology for modern supply management professionals. Tracing the evolution of electronic procurement over the last 20 years, the book illustrates how the concept has evolved from a novel idea into a standard approach that cannot be neglected, fundamentally transforming business as usual. The transformation is highlighted by the evolution of online reverse auctions, as well as the ensuing expansion of technology to virtually all aspects of strategic sourcing in the form of integrated electronic sourcing suites. Several advances and new applications of electronic procurement are presented, with an emphasis on how social media can be leveraged for supply management and its associated significant potential.

Data Science for Supply Chain Forecast
Auteur : Nicolas Vandeput
Edition : Nicolas Vandeput - novembre 2018

Data Science for Supply Chain Forecast is a book for practitioners focusing on data science and machine learning; it demonstrates how both are closely interlinked in order to create an advanced forecast for supply chain. As one will discover in this book, artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) are not simply a question of coding skills. Using data science in order to solve a problem requires a scientific mindset more than coding skills. The story behind these models is one of experimentation, of observation and of constant questioning; a true scientific method must be applied to supply chain.
In the data science field as well as that of the supply chain, simple questions do not come with simple answers. In order to resolve these questions, one needs to be both a scientist as well as to use the correct tools. In this book, we will discuss both.

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